Monday, September 2, 2013

Grand Teton National Park
Tilghman, MD
Mile 6730 to Mile 9630
WP 90 to WP119

Except for a few stops along the way the trip to the east coast was a straight run but first there was the Grand Teton National Park. We have been here before. 3 times. It is one of those places that draws you back & is a highlight of any western mountain road trip.  The scenery is that stunning.

The most photographed mountains in the world, 
The Grand Tetons, WY

Ask for a seat on the right side if flying into Jackson Hole, WY

Ranch remains. WP 92

Ranch buildings Grand Teton National Park

They claim this to be the most photographed barn in North America

Only in Wyoming

Sunrise: The light was right for all of five minutes

Moments before sunrise

Grand Teton sunrise

If only I had a polarizing filter for some of these.

Gros Ventre CG, dry camping for 5 days

After July 4th sitting still in Grand Teton next came the scramble to get back east for the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.

Campground at Wind Cave, South Dakota. WP 94

Early evening visitor at Wind Cave CG. WP 94

Badlands, SD WP 97

Not the kind of place to get lost in. Badlands, WP 97

Casino boat. Permanently moored. 
Sioux City, SD WP 100

Caterpillar visitor center, Peoria IL.
14' tall tires on that thing. WP 105

Oak Hills, NY, South of Albany.  
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival WP 112

In a sea of tents, we are way in the back. 
Something like 30,000 attend this 4 day festival.

There are those who make themselves right at home.

This hayfield went from nothing to this in less than one day. To the left of the large tent our trailer, I think, can be barely picked out.

So, that is it. From here it was a day & a bit worth of driving back to MD with a short stop in Delaware for some tax free shopping & another trip around the country is history.

Tacoma, WA
Grand Teton National Park
Mile 5730 to Mile 6730
WP 77 to WP 89

The main focus of this trip has been the Pacific Northwest & what we missed the last time we were here in 2010 when we did not get into downtown Seattle at all. From Seattle it was time to start heading east. We are now at the end of June & need to be somewhere to ride out the camping madness that is the July 4th holiday. The trick is to get somewhere a couple days before the crowds arrive.

You just know we won't miss a chance for a boatshow

We didn,t know a thing about this one till we heard about it the day before on the radio.

About 40 boats, all wood, all 1950s & earlier.

The solar powered Queen waves as you cruise along

One of three cruise terminals on the Seattle waterfront

For the Deadliest Catch TV fans

Floating homes

Space needle

A view from the top.

Glass flowers

Campsite, Dash Point State Park, near Tacoma.

Boeing Field, Everett, WA. The site of the original plant 
& now one of the best air museums in the country.

The very first one. Looking sad & neglected after 40 plus years.

Concord. Only seen in museums now.

The Grand Tetons, seen from the west side of them.

Sheep jam

Southern Idaho